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Celestial v/s Cerebral : work-in-progress

29 Apr


I have been sitting on an idea for over a month now, contemplating this blogpost and happily, I am finally getting around to it. In self defence, I must add  that since I have yet to execute the idea, a months procrastination is not too bad, and it’s still not too late. More than anything else, this post is an archive of my thoughts and ideas, marking the date and year. And of course, it helps iron out the creases in my concept.

Divine, Human | Technology, Intervention
Intervenchnology –  Working Title.

This is how it started. At night, many nights ago, somewhere in my brain there were literal biological sparks, where synapses met and metaphorical dots were connected.With the biology explained and out of the way, I am now going to focus on the emotional/theoretical. I feel like my work is taking an automatic U-turn to biotechnology though in a spirited and sprightly manner, that is not at all depressing or cumbersome. And doing so, completely of it’s own accord, perhaps subconsciously, but it is no way planned or structured by my brain.

Religion/ religious belief and practice has been at the heart of my practice since 2009. And in some ways, I have been working in continuum, on the same body of work, despite the explicit changes in language and expression.
To elucidate the return to biotechnology; the winged-animals in my paintings are a visual representation that symbolise the imagination of my 5-10 year old mind, based on mythical stories and religious ideology imparted upon me as a child, however, my chimerical creatures could very well be conceived and created by human intervention in nature, propelled by the science of biotechnology, as is exemplified by Alba ,the glow-in-dark rabbit, the first of many such experiments and creations in art and science alike.

Undoubtedly deserved, there is a a lot of credibility advocated to human ability and biological intervention in nature. It is in fact, so incredible so as to make it almost venerable. Bearing this in mind, I embark on my latest piece for this oeuvre.

The making of an Amulet, is a three-part wearable piece of art that represents our faith in science. For this piece, I have re-appropriated conviction scribbled on paper and worn for protection by believers i.e. a Ta’aviz or Amulet. However, I have replaced the (occassionally divine) scribbles with scientific struggles, accomplishments and possibilities, elements embodied within my chimerical animals. Borrowing from the idea of an amulet or ta’awiz , this represents our faith in human ability and scientific interference as opposed to Nature and a Divine plan.




[In case, Alba is a mystery, here’s a link to a brief intro. http://www.genomenewsnetwork.org/articles/03_02/bunny_art.shtml ]


Recipe for disaster: Guilty pleasures, Nostalgia and Proscrastination

12 Aug

So school is finally over, i feel a bit too free, and i believe i have wasted more time than i should have. But in all fairness, there hasn’t been a spare moment. I have accomplished the Herculean task of completing my website.  Now its time to make some real work.

Studio, metamorphosing organic forms

Pomple, Pencil on paper, 97 x 70 cm, 2013

I am missing my studio and reminiscing, i have all these fantastic, mind-blowing ideas for work larger than myself but of course my lack of studio prevents me from executing all that is in my head (Hope you didn’t miss the inflated ego there). I have a feeling my brain deliberately conjures up these large scale ideas so as to keep me extending my break from work.

Note to Brain:
I am on to you! And just so you know, i am already contemplating two new pieces.

I miss! I suppose next stop  might be the London Print Studio. Sigh*

I miss! I suppose next stop might be the London Print Studio. Sigh*

Yet to be completed

Yet to be completed


Anyways, Back to the ‘two new’ pieces of work now, don’t want to spend more time blogging about work than actually making work.