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Recipe for disaster: Guilty pleasures, Nostalgia and Proscrastination

13 Aug

Recipe for disaster: Guilty pleasures, Nostalgia and Proscrastination.

Recipe for disaster: Guilty pleasures, Nostalgia and Proscrastination

12 Aug

So school is finally over, i feel a bit too free, and i believe i have wasted more time than i should have. But in all fairness, there hasn’t been a spare moment. I have accomplished the Herculean task of completing my website.  Now its time to make some real work.

Studio, metamorphosing organic forms

Pomple, Pencil on paper, 97 x 70 cm, 2013

I am missing my studio and reminiscing, i have all these fantastic, mind-blowing ideas for work larger than myself but of course my lack of studio prevents me from executing all that is in my head (Hope you didn’t miss the inflated ego there). I have a feeling my brain deliberately conjures up these large scale ideas so as to keep me extending my break from work.

Note to Brain:
I am on to you! And just so you know, i am already contemplating two new pieces.

I miss! I suppose next stop  might be the London Print Studio. Sigh*

I miss! I suppose next stop might be the London Print Studio. Sigh*

Yet to be completed

Yet to be completed


Anyways, Back to the ‘two new’ pieces of work now, don’t want to spend more time blogging about work than actually making work.

Vitrine installation

22 May

Site-specific installation, Central Saint Martins, Window gallery B

Last minute tweaks..


Installing, well past the cut-off hour… my very own

11 May

Installing, well past the cut-off hour…



my very own helping hand in the earlier days of installation.



Studio practice

11 May

Lead up to the final MA show, long, tiring and exhausting work hours in the studio but hopefully it will be totally worth it.Image






on the set- filming Needled.

11 May
Organic sculpture

Organic sculpture

The celebrity super star of needled ^

Editing, the toughest part after light set-up.


Unfortunately, because of bad sound this film needs to be re-shot. What an absolute battle it is to find a pomegranate in the month of May!

on the set- filming Needled.

Digital drawings 2010

28 Dec

Digital drawings 2010.

Digital drawings 2010

28 Dec


28 Dec

Hello all, for some research i need anything and everything you might know about pomegranates (urdu: annar). Myths, superstitions, stories, idioms, muhavaray, whatever you can provide will be much appreciated.

Not-so-Constructive a day.

11 Jul

A Not-so-Average-sunday:

Fresh, white, un-touched, dent-in-bank account, Acid free Arches sheet up on wall.

4:28 pm- back to drawing after forever. After so long, had almost stopped feeling liken an artist. Just an administrative, curative slave.

4: 29 pm- burnishing frenzy: a 30x 42″ sheet. Muscle building. Who needs yoga?

4:34 pm- Switch burnishing arm. Working on left arm muscles.

4: 35 pm- Sniffing brand new paper. Something smells like cow dung.. must be the masking tape.

4:41 pm – Break. Burnishing is a killer. out of breath.

4:42 pm- Examining arms. right arm bi-ceps are definitely getting ahead of the left arm bi-ceps. Damn.

4:42 pm- Back to burnishing.

4:48 pm – I ‘ve given up on burnishing for the moment. Panting.

4:48 pm- Time to dig out teh acrylics and paraphernaila.

4:50 pm. FILTH FEST: Traumatized by left over turpentine in container. Cleaning it would be a Horror! Thinking of alternatives…

4:56 pm- Now where is that pomegranate?

5:07 pm- All set; Annar found, laptop set, colours out and mixed (in my mind), brushes in place, the paper is calling out to me. GO!

5:09 pm- I need a table…

5:17 pm- My annar looks flat, although quite translucent.

5:22 pm – Cant believe i am using White paint :/

5:22 pm – post Two 2cm strokes: NOT USING WHITE ANY MORE. temporary insanity phase over.

5:30 pm – One failed, unresolved symbol down. Time to update twitter.

5: 32 pm – Solution: Emulsion.

5: 46 pm – Quick food break.

5:53 pm – Now that i have wolfed down an unhealthy diet of chicken full of growth hormone and preservatives, time to clean up..