Never Green.

23 May

I have just unearthed a new Phenomenon. World Pressure. Its akin to Peer pressure only much much more grand.

Its very seldom that we take out time to think about culture as it develops around us. Unfortunate as it we are all sheep; some slow sheep – because they take their time to follow popular trends (mostly because they need more confirmation) – and some  fast sheep, these are real quick in picking up on new behavior patterns and advancements like the World Wide Web.

The fact is that we are all now connected in through the world wide web. And the latest FaceBook fiasco only further re-inforces this fact. Something that occurs in New York and Texas becomes my invisible reality. Regardless of the reasons for quitting facebook, how many of us can actually do it? After a number of heated debates with freinds and family I realised that it is impossible to do something as drastic as quiting facebook. I say Drastic because its really no big deal, I mean we are doing just fine without it for days now, and grew up just fine before it was invented but perhaps because of world pressure its unimaginable to do something of the sort now.

My own excuse for not quitting is that its regressive to do something of the sort in this Age of Communication! but is that really it? If I were to be honest its because everyone is there, how can I not be? Yes I admit, to some extent I am also a sheep. And this despite the fact that I don’t even get much time for checking my page regularly let alone indulge in virtual harvest on some virtual farm?, I am not addicted, in fact, if I can manage it, I like to take ‘Days off’ thats when I try to get away with not checking my email!! with my self as an example i have proved a large number of us being Sheep.

Along with being a sheep, I am also technically ignorant. Up until recently i couldn’t determine the difference between the finder and terminal of my computer. This ignorance perhaps is what makes me believe that websites like FB leave us super vulnerable.  After all everything is now virtual. anyone can google me, and read this blog, all you have to do is search my five letter name on Twitter and determine exactly what i am thinking when, find any one of my friends on facebook and figure out where i was last night and the activities I have planned for the next three months. Do I really want to be that exposed? And that to, to anyone, anywhere! I am in Pakistan, but this person could be sitting in Timbaktu for all I know and stalking me  -this is my own doing of course, I am not blaming the creep in Timbaktu- I know there are privacy settings, but not only are their people more technically sound than me out there, there are ALWAYS loopholes.

I feel naked all of a sudden, and yet here I sit, updating my blog…’Sheep’ i think to myself and press ‘publish’.

One Response to “Never Green.”

  1. Atif Zafar June 18, 2010 at 9:24 am #

    Talking about privacy issues on WWW lolz :). This blog is more like a road side advertisement unless u set some privacy settings on it, like a user login and password for every user ( not so difficult though..comes by default with Joomla which is similar to Word Press).
    About FB, may be since the decision was made for the entire public may be thats why they are screaming about it..but the reality that i see about this matter is that when you are not whole heartedly welcomed to a house, and the house owner is ignoring to uphold the respect you require to actually feel welcomed there. Ignorance here does not have to necessarily come from the house owner. Moreover the some what biased house owner is not mediating between you and other guests to show respect to your basic believes. Then, is it still a good idea to stay there, and go back there again. When you have so many other places online to go to….is my thought about it…. agreed on the fact that fb is convenient to all of us…and its not like food or water… that we cant live without it. or is it just like a cigarette for the mind……. i am a bit disappointed that many just feel it, and as the days goes by they return to their routines…. its reminds me about how i was back in khi, something happens and people die…then the very next day the angry mob goes out on the streets and protests… but just give it another day or two and things are back to normal….i think as being humans … we universally have the maah maah factor built into us….. who knows… about the best options to use unless all paths are collectively explored,going through trial and error, trailed, and may be analyzed and speculated..

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