Off to China town

16 Apr

I just happened to turn the tv on and catch the latest in chinese music videos on some random channel; I don’t remember the last time I was this disturbed. Or unsettled. I am not certain of the emotion just yet.

Anyways, moving towards why I was disturbed and what the videos represented; it was an appalling mixture of Pussy cat dolls, Rihanna and Beyonce, and thats ok since I quite like Rihanna, but in this video nothing fit. America has a history of ¬†immigration which has given rise to various sub-cultures, youth cultures etc. Just the immitation of these by chinese girls , maybe women, God knows, they all look so freakishly child-like, was …. unsettling. It wasn’t just the imitation that seemed misplaced, and I don’t know much about chinese culture, but i doubt ghetto New york surfaces anywhere in China. and perhaps it wasn’t so much the imitation, i mean we live i a global world and every body has access to everything, and the grass is definitely greener on the other side, but those crass dance moves by those ultra small chinese girls who look like they should be in the seventh grade was enough to scandalize me.

Anyways, this made me think, if we were doing the same, i mean it’s no secret that we have our fair share of wannabes. Example no. 1: who can forget Princess Annie and that big guy, with lots of chains around his neck, rapping to her songs. Gag.

And then there is the new breed, Nida Arab or something.. though she isn’t as embarassing as Princess Annie..

I suppose we all have our share of wannabes, I mean take some of Sadia Imam’s Tv Drama’s into consideration. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stop copying Indian soaps. The ironic part is, the Indian soaps she copies are an illusion. Its what most of india wants to be. The representation in those soaps is an aspiration and not a reality!

…. Whats to be done? sit and crib in your blog post, best thing ever…

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