I am Informing myself with what the city has to offer. Lets start at Home!

9 Apr

Globalization/Glocalization has opened up one too many avenues of information. And for a person like me, who lives to absorb information, (i feel so greedy sometimes) I feel like I don’t have enough time to keep up with all the learning!!

What to do?!

Anyways, heres one group making good use of the baggage of technology and exposure that globalization comes with.


here’s an excerpt from the interview.. very inspiring!

“I was talking about how media art is not going to evolve in Pakistan in the same way that it does in the West…

…what we realised was that in the future we need some kind of institute, or an infrastructure from where media art discussions are going to take place; where there can be dialogue. In Pakistan we’ve had years of censorship – particularly in the eighties – pages were literally ripped out of history books. So for my generation, now in their late 30’s, there’s a blank. We don’t have a history. Yet all of a sudden with the internet coming in, there’s so much information and what’s happening is it’s all getting mixed up: past, present, everything. “

It seems like it wasn’t so easy for Atteqa to set up an Institute.. (I wish I could deny this truth about Pakistan)

“But I found that the problem with setting up an institute in this country is that you need support. If you get government support and the government changes, then that’s the end of your institute. If you have a space and you don’t have the funds to run it then all the time you’re just worrying about funds. So we decided as Mauj that we would be fluid. We would use all the empty spaces that are in this city for our meeting spots. So sometimes we meet in cafes, sometimes in the park, other times we meet at someone’s house. It works for us. That was the whole idea: to make it a grassroots yet sustainable collective that’s low profile and so ends up achieving much more.”

Following is one of their most interesting projects..

“…the collaboration with students in Denmark..”

We’ve been holding a workshop in a high school in Karachi, where we’re teaching the students how to use cameras and video-cameras – introducing them to media art theory, music festivals, etc. Part of this was a Skype exchange with a group of high school students in Denmark in three sessions. We introduced ourselves and told each other what we thought of the other person’s country. It was interesting because neither group knew much about the other person’s country, except for this Danish cartoon incident. So that came up. They had just been seeing a lot of bad coverage of Pakistan on their TV. The second step was based on the Skype conversation we had, each student decided to show a certain part of their city in a certain way. They either photographed it, they created a montage, or they collected images and texts. Then we created a blog where we put up all the student’s work. The Danish students also put up their work. We saw the blogs and for the third session we commented and had discussions as to “what is this?”, “why is this man standing like this?!” The Danish students were very interested to see women fully covered walking across the school courtyard, for example. Afterwards the Danish students wrote a little bit, because it was their English class. They were amazed that our students could speak English so fluently! The English teacher asked me for some names of Pakistani books that she could look at putting into the school curriculum. So I think overall it was a great success and it broke a lot of stereotypes.”

Exciting! and so much of what they do is so similar to the khayal Khana Agenda; oane day very soon InshaAllah, Khayal Khana will do what it initially intended to…

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